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Using Askari since 5 years. Pretty okay so far. Never faced any issue except that online purchasing shitshow. But nearly all banks do that except HBL i think. Meezan has the best app attached to mutual fund, you can easily invest and withdraw , but HBL and Bank al Falah probably have the most deals on debit cards ie discounts for using the card. I've read somewhere that you can use Meezan's debit card for subscriptions and online payments.

Does it work well? Surprisingly no one mentioned Habib Metropolitan.

It's a good one with good customer service and a good app! All good with some changes here and there in the services they all offer. Would like to add I think the UBL mobile banking app has been slept on alot, it's not bad. Cake Day. Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. Best All Around Bank? However, if fresh croissants and coffee is what one desires then some discounts are available for that too.

The list of fantastic discounts is mentioned below:. While the discounts available on restaurants are limited, Faysal Bank provides one of the largest proportions of discount among other banks.

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This means that you get to enjoy delicious burgers and pizzas for way less! Have a feast with fresh out-of-the-oven pizzas and grilled burgers while saving a significant amount of money!

Pizza Hut - Pizza Deals, Pizza Delivery, Order Pizza Online

Summit banks helps you enjoy discounts on local restaurants as well as popular, international food chains. Treat yourself to a wonderful, warm brownie sundae from DelFrio or take the family out for a fantastic dinner at Bar. Q Tonight. Check out the discounts below:.

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