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  1. Now, Even Gas Stations Are Ending Double Coupons - Coupons in the News
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Now, Even Gas Stations Are Ending Double Coupons - Coupons in the News

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Coupons for gasoline? But cents-off-per-gallon gas coupons that can be clipped out of newspapers or printed online are plentiful and popular in Northern Tier states from Michigan all the way to Alaska. But not for long.

Planning a trip to Minneapolis?

One chain of gas stations is taking a page from the recent grocery playbook, and putting an end to double coupons. And just as grocery shoppers mourned when stores like Kroger discontinued doubles, drivers are lamenting the loss of this beloved perk at the pump.

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The chain has announced that after the end of this month, it will no longer double the value of any coupons. And savvy shoppers who parlayed the promotion into gallons and gallons of free gas over the years, are getting used to the idea that they might have to pay real money to fill up their tank again. Coupons available in the newspaper or online typically offer discounts of ten cents a gallon or so. The savviest of shoppers advocate buying fuel cards at face value — for which you earn loyalty points. When you use the card to pay for gas, you earn more loyalty points.

You can then redeem your points for coupons, the value of which max out at 50 cents per gallon. On Tuesdays, that gets doubled to a dollar per gallon.

Gas Station Discounts - Cards, Coupons, Ect.

And then you start the process all over again. It will hurt it a lot. Unlike most grocery chains that have discontinued doubles, however, SuperAmerica was a bit more honest about the rationale for the change. Now that prices have settled down to about half that amount, double coupons have been costing the company more, as a percentage of the pump price. So something had to give. Instead of getting down about it we need to simply adapt and find the best way to maximize whatever opportunities are out there at this moment!