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All There in the Stinger : A staple of the movies is that they at least have one stinger that shows a plot beat connecting it to a future film. Sometimes the stinger scene is actually repeated in that future film itself. Aloof Dark-Haired Girl : Various examples; see the trope page. Alternate Continuity : The movies differ a lot from their comic counterparts and in some cases outright change things, so it's best to think of them as a separate story line, or alternate universe, than comic-to-movie adaptations.

They are close enough to their comics, with plenty of references and cameos only they will get, that comic fans will have plenty to enjoy about them, while regular fans will also be able to enjoy the movies without knowing all the back story. This has been formalized with the MCU universe taking its place alongside the other alternate universes seen in Marvel comics.

Traffic between the two is surprisingly limited, mostly taking the form of very subtle continuity nods. When the Young Avengers of Earth were thrown into the Multiverse in , for example, a passport stamp indicated that Earth was one of the many universes they visited off-page. In fact, part of Thor's character development is learning that they are not evil monsters that he can kill without a care. Their king even tries to talk him out of doing something rash. The Dark Elves from Dark World are all soldiers seeking to destroy all of "light" existence, so they are indeed this trope. The Kree are seen as this in the entire galaxy with most of them being belligerent warmongers and zealots who seek to either destroy or conquer other planets and generally have very poor relations with the rest of the galaxy.

One or two heroic Kree have been seen, but such exceptions are very rare. Amazing Technicolor Population : Especially coming from the cosmic side of the franchise, many characters look human except for their skin tone. The Frost Giants and Loki by extension are blue skinned, the Guardians of the Galaxy movies feature the blue-skinned Kree, the green-skinned Gamora, the grey-skinned Drax, the purple-skinned Thanos, and some red-skinned citizens in the background, with Vol.

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There is also the case of the Hulk, who is green skinned. Anachronic Order : In Phase One, The Incredible Hulk takes place sometime during Iron Man 2 a news report of Hulk's rampage appears at IM2 's end , and during Thor , the first half of which is occurring concurrently with the second half of Iron Man 2 — the overlap ending when Coulson arrives in New Mexico , and a freak thunderstorm is mentioned in Hulk.

The Defenders shows were released over the course of four to five years, but take place in a span under four. They're also likely to be set some time before their releases; the first season of Daredevil is said to take place two years after The Avengers , when the premiere dates of the two are much closer to three years apart.

Plus, the later seasons were released after Infinity War but don't acknowledge it at all. The lack of links to the wider MCU beyond referencing "the incident" The Avengers ' Battle of New York means that they can take place just about anywhere between that and Infinity War without causing continuity problems. Phase Three starts mixing things up again, with Guardians Vol.

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Doctor Strange further complicates things, as it takes place over several months and Civil War , Spider-Man , and Black Panther occur during that time. Captain Marvel is a full-on Prequel set in the 90s. Meanwhile, the second movie of the phase, The Eternals , is said to span thousands of years, making it the earliest movie to take place chronologically. Iron Man 3 : Aldrich has an arm cut off by Tony, but regenerates it thanks to Extremis.

In addition, Malekith's defeat by Portal Cut starts with him losing both his arms. Captain America: The Winter Soldier : The Winter Soldier lost his arm before the movie, having it replaced with a cybernetic prosthetic. Guardians of the Galaxy : Gamora chops off both of Groot's arms in their initial confrontation they grow back and during the prison break, Rocket has Star-Lord steal a prisoner's prosthetic leg, later revealing that he only had him do it because he thought it would be funny. Later on, Nebula removes her own robot hand near the climax in order to escape the battle. Even Agents of S.

Marvel Memorabilia

And Now For Something Completely Different : After nine consecutive films focusing on the Avengers, either as a team or individually, the tenth entry into the Cinematic Universe is Guardians of the Galaxy , a Space Opera about a Rag Tag Bunch Of Misfits , which includes, among others, a talking raccoon , a Gentle Giant tree creature who can only say five words to express himself, and a warrior with zero understanding of metaphors. Guardians of the Galaxy also has the distinction of being the first entry in the Marvel Cinematic Universe to be based on the creations of writers and artists other than Stan Lee and Jack Kirby.

The original comic was created by Arnold Drake and Gene Colan. Same goes for the announcement of the Netflix shows, which focus on street-level superheroes operating out of New York City. As its name implies, the Mind Stone has various powers involved with the mind. It possesses a core that is comparable to neurons firing in a human brain.

Iron Man 1 - Post Credits Scene

While in Loki's Scepter, it grants the wielder the power to control others, and even imbuing them with some level of knowledge while under this thrall, as it "opened the eyes" of Clint Barton and Erik Selvig, showing them visions and granting them special knowledge they can use. On its own, it seems to be able to imbue sentience onto artificial intelligence, two notable examples being Ultron and Vision.

Anti-Hero : Being part of a superhero franchise, most of the films and TV shows give us certain heroes who have darker aspects, actions and motives in their personality despite their good intentions; the MCU even has its own subpage.

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Anti-Villain : Some movies give us certain villains who have honorable aspects and well-intentioned goals in their crimes: Loki, the antagonist from Thor , is continuously doing the wrong things for the right reasons. He's actually just a screwed-up "Well Done, Son! At first, they antagonize the Avengers because Tony Stark created the shells that bombed their home.

Reader Interactions

Later, after they realize Ultron's true motives, they join up with the Avengers. Killmonger from Black Panther turns out to be this. In Avengers: Infinity War , Thanos performs multiple genocides across multiple planets because he genuinely believes that if the planets are left unchecked, then they could suffer from an Overpopulation Crisis and leave the planet into a lifeless shell just like his own. He holds no ill will towards his enemies and fully respects their resolve regardless if they are against him or not. It's only his own hubris and hurt pride that prevents him from seeing a solution besides mass murder.

In Ant-Man and the Wasp , Ghost goes to increasingly brutal lengths as the film progresses, but her only goal is to relieve herself of the constant agony she's suffering from as a result of her phasing powers and to prevent her inevitable and imminent death. Partially justified by the fact that the characters who prefer such weapons are physically vastly superhuman and many are Blood Knights or from Proud Warrior Races.

Marvel Cinematic Universe (Franchise) - TV Tropes

Averted almost almost entirely with the squishier characters. Except for Hawkeye. Artifact Title : Increasingly becoming this as TV shows as well as short films and comic book tie-ins start to be included within the franchise, thus not making it exclusively Cinematic. On the other hand, film is still the primary medium. Coulson is quite insistent that they are not "Agents of Nothing". In the Thor series, Asgardians are all superhumanly strong and durable, but due to a Royalty Superpower , Odin , his son Thor, and his daughter Hela have immense power that allows them to defeat practically anyone in the Nine Realms.

In Guardians of the Galaxy , Ronan is much tougher than any of his subordinates. Thanos is the leader of a powerful galactic empire, and is the most powerful being in it, to the point where he can defeat Thor and Hulk, who likely could have stopped his invasion force in The Avengers by themselves.

Avengers, Assemble! Four of the founding Avengers were introduced in solo movies with Black Widow and Hawkeye guest-starring , and the stories were mostly self-contained but for the common thread of S. Then The Avengers brought them all together. The first season the first two in Daredevil's case of each Netflix show also qualifies, as they introduce the characters who will be relevant to The Defenders. Unfortunately, this draws unwanted attention.

Badass Normal : Despite the MCU being understandably superhero-heavy, this comes up surprisingly often: Iron Man 3 has Tony and Rhodey unable to use their armor for much of the film, allowing them to demonstrate that they both but especially Rhodey have this in spades. Nick Fury has no superpowers, but still manages to run rings around anyone and everyone who does.

Maria Hill gets this treatment later, too. Black Widow and Hawkeye are not innately super-powered, just very agile and highly capable fighters, though some of the tech they use to enhance their skills might mean they still qualify. Peter Jason Quill is also this in Guardians of the Galaxy , relying on nothing more than a blaster, his guile, and his crack piloting skills.

It's revealed at the end of the movie that he's not completely "Terran", which allowed him to hold the Infinity Stone longer than anyone prior, and may give him other innate abilities. The whole premise of Agents of S. Early trailers for the show even used the tag-line "Not all heroes are 'super'".